I love EDI and I would wish every organisation could do implement and reap benefits of it. Traditionally EDI has been used by big organisations who would otherwise huge amount of their resources in handling their data in and out of their organisation.

EDI has evolved over the years, and ANSI X12 and EDIFACT standards although widely used, organisations now use variety of data formats to integrate the data with their legacy systems. The advent of XML, web services, and open source technologies has split the number of choices available wide open to ponder.

I have personally seen numerous file formats being used data carriage, and the necessity to be able to customize and still relevant to the external world is utmost priority.

Although there are number of software and service providers are now incorporating newest technologies to reduce cost of  EDI implementation. The cost of EDI still remains very high , and sometimes its even higher than the ERP implementation itself.

Primary reason if high costs in EDI implementations are basically due to initial licensing cost of the software, time spent by the people of developing maps, managing trading partners, maintenance, and support. These costs are escalated very easily when an organisation chooses a wrong partner or a wrong software or a wrong resources.

With the current market and economic conditions insisting of cost reduction at every department in IT, cutting EDI costs are paramount. There are several options available in the market today which will allow organisations to leverage availability of some components as open source .

Small and medium business often thread on a thin line of should we “GO” or “NOT” do EDI is often pre-judged with the high costs involved. This might change going forward as the service providers are now have an eye on such businesses.

At Sinope, we take one such approach to reduce the cost of implementation of EDI and peripheral applications and deliver a solution which will take a significant burden of your IT budget. This however needs organisations to be more favorable towards accepting significant changes in how the Systems, Data and People perceive electronic data is, and how to transform the IT landscape within the organisation.

If you are more interested to know about our approach towards EDI or any other implementations at your organisation ,please feel to write to us at info@sinoepcs.in , and we promise to delivery the best solutions for you.

We also promise each and every customer that we are only interested in creating value for them.

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